City Manager


We hope you feel welcome to contact us at any time to discuss current activities or if you have suggestions that could make our community even better. We are committed to the realization of our Mission Statement:

To maintain and enhance Imperial Beach as ‘Classic Southern California’; a beach oriented community with a safe, small town, family atmosphere, rich in natural and cultural resources.


In addition to the day to day administration of the City, the Management Team addresses the needs of the residents, implements the direction, policies and regulations of the City Council and coordinates activities with our regional partners. We are the interface between the municipal government and the residents working directly with their elected leaders, the Mayor and members of the City Council. 

The highest priority of the City Manager is to work closely with the elected officials to ensure the direction of the City Council is implemented. The City Manager also works with residents and business owners to address their concerns. An important function of the City manager is to development and maintain relationships with external partners such as the Port of San Diego, SANDAG, MTS, and adjacent communities in order to improve the lives of Imperial Beach residents. 

The Chief Administrative Officer manages all administrative functions of the City. The City finances, human resources, parks & recreation, etc., and city record keeping are under the guidance and direction of the Chief Administrative Officer. The Chief Administrative Officer also provides oversight of a variety of services to the residents and business in the City including the issuance of business licenses, public record requests, as well as parks, recreation and Senior Citizen programs. Financial reporting and transparency is a primary function of the Chief Administrative Officer.

Together, the City Manager and Chief Administrative Officer co-manage the City and are committed to being responsive, transparent, and effective in keeping Imperial Beach a great place to live, recreate, and work in a safe and vibrant environment.