About Imperial Beach Fire-Rescue

Mission Statement

The Imperial Beach Fire-Rescue Department will provide effective emergency responses with the priority of protecting life, property, and the environment, through a commitment to ethical, innovative, and responsible service to all that we serve.

Vision Statement

We will strive to be recognized as a model organization having the confidence of the public. We will respect and support one another and work as a team to provide the highest quality service possible. We will be innovative and responsive to the needs of those we serve. We are Imperial Beach Fire-Rescue.


  • Trust - Being reliable, honest, and effective.
  • Honor - Having high moral standards, honoring a solemn oath, but also honoring those who came before us.
  • Ethics - The code of good conduct for each member of the team.
  • Professionalism - This is not just a patch or a t-shirt, professionalism is a way of presenting ourselves, and a way of doing business. You represent much more than just yourself.
  • Responsiveness - Not just emergencies. Stop to help. Be responsive to the needs of your community members. Do the little things. Never say it’s not my job.
  • Outreach - Spread the word to your community about fire prevention, fire safety, preparedness, health, and wellness.
  • Mentorship - Show others the way, not just each other, but also those throughout your community. Invest in those that need role models.
  • Inspiration - Your words and your actions should inspire others, both to do the right thing, and to do great things.
  • Safety - Accept the responsibility to stay safe, for yourself, but also for your family, for your crew, and for your community. They are all counting on you.
  • Enthusiasm - Get up and engage each other, engage your community, and engage your political leadership.

Department Information

Imperial Beach Fire-Rescue is an all-hazard Department responsible for the protection of life and property of the citizens of Imperial Beach and surrounding communities. 

Established in 1946, Imperial Beach Fire-Rescue is an Insurance Services Office (ISO) Class 3 department with one fire station, built in 1979, staffed with 12 suppression personnel, one Administrative Assistant, one Assistant Fire Marshal, and one Fire Chief. The suppression staff works a 48-96 schedule consisting of 3 platoons (A, B, C). Suppression personnel include 3 Captain/Paramedics, 3 Engineer/Paramedics and 6 Firefighter/Paramedics.


The department provides fire suppression, emergency medical services, prevention, education, inspection, community service, and weed abatement duties.

In our short response time to emergency calls, the department can provide needed care to citizens through medications, Intravenous (IV), Electrocardiogram (EKG) monitoring, airway maintenance, and other advanced life support procedures. 

Currently, the city contracts with a private ambulance company for the transport of patients to hospitals.

The department responds to approximately 2,800 calls for emergency service each year; including structure fires, wildland fires, vehicle fires, hazardous material incidents, traffic collisions, emergency medical aids, and public service requests.


Apparatus include a 2014 Pierce Arrow XT 1500 Gallons Per Minute (GPM) triple combination pumper, with a:

  • Series 60 Detroit Diesel engine
  • 500-gallon water tank
  • 30-gallon Class A foam tank
  • Full Advanced Life Support (ALS) Emergency Medical Services (EMS) compartment
  • Full complement of hydraulic rescue tools
  • Chain saw
  • Rotary saw
  • Smoke ejector 

The department also uses a 2004 Pierce Arrow XT 1500 GPM triple combination pumper, with a: 

  • Series 60 Detroit Diesel engine
  • 500-gallon water tank
  • 25-gallon Class A foam tank
  • 25-gallon Class B foam tank
  • Hydraulic ladder lift
  • Full Advanced Life Support (ALS) Emergency Medical Services (EMS) compartment
  • Full complement of hydraulic rescue tools
  • Chain saw
  • Rotary saw
  • Smoke ejector. 

This engine is also used as the wildland engine which has been fully modified for an in-county or out-of-county strike team response.


The department keeps a rigorous training schedule, which includes: 

  • Fire suppression activities
  • Live-fire training
  • Hazardous materials (HAZMAT)
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • Rescue Systems
  • Vehicle Extrication
  • Ventilation techniques
  • Forcible Entry techniques
  • Rapid Intervention Crew (RIC) training
  • Updates for Emergency Medical Services (Paramedic)

The Fire Department spends at least two hours each shift on training exercises as well as 8 hours a month at In-Service Training (IST). All firefighters will obtain FFI and FFII certifications as well as attend department-paid classes for additional training/certifications.