Planning a Special Event

The City of Imperial Beach Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department (PRCS) Special Events Team strives in helping events that bring the community together to take place safely and successfully on its streets and in its parks. This team processes applications for review by the appropriate City Departments and assists event organizers through the permitting process for events that happen within the City of Imperial Beach. 

  1. What is a special event?
  2. Event Faq's
  3. Types of Permits
  4. Planning an event
  5. Special Event Policies

A Special Event is any organized event including, but not limited to, large scale events such as races, parades, marathons and sporting events, concerts, fairs, community events, and any organized assembly of twenty-five (25) or more people on any public space, waterway, property, structure, or public right of way, owned or controlled by the City of Imperial Beach. Private events that impede on the public right of way may also require a permit. 

Types of Special Events

Tier I Event

An event with minimal setup and requires a beach ceremony permit; or park permit; or sports field event permit
Examples: Wedding, Birthday Party, Sports Clinic

Tier II Event

An event that requires a neighborhood block party permit; or commercial filming permit; or special event permit; or is located at Veterans Park; or Sports Park; or Reama Park; or Teeple Park
Examples: Neighborhood Block Party, Professional Photo Shoot or Filming

Tier III Event

An event that requires a special event permit; and is located at Pier Plaza; or Dunes Park; or the beach; or includes street closures; or is a large park event similar to a Farmer's Market
Examples: Festival, Running/Walking/Biking event, Concert