Supporting Homeowners & Homebuyers

This page contains links to resources that can assist prospective and current homeowners in purchasing, repairing, and maintaining their homes.

Home Investment Partnerships Program (HOME)

HOME assists cities, counties, and non-profit community housing development organizations (CHDOs) to create and retain affordable housing for lower-income renters or owners. HOME funds are available as loans for housing rehabilitation, new construction, and acquisition and rehabilitation of single- and multifamily projects and as grants for tenant-based rental assistance. At least 50% of the amount is awarded to rural applicants and 15% is set aside for CHDOs. Funds are available in California communities that do not receive HOME funding directly from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Funding is announced annually through a Notice of Funding Availability.

For more information visit their website at HOME

Housing Repair Loans & Grants Program

The Housing Repair Loans and Grants Program provides loans and grants for the repair of owner-occupied homes. If you would like more information on these programs, please call 858-694-4847, or visit their website at Housing Repair Loans and Grant Programs.

Homebuyer Education Providers

Homebuyer Education is a 4- to 8-hour course, held in-person or online, that covers topics defined by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and is provided by a HUD-certified housing counselor at a HUD Approved Agency. This is a general education course on home buying.

Housing Counseling, also known as pre-purchase counseling, is a 30- to 120-minute one-on-one individual financial assessment with a HUD-certified housing counselor held in-person or over the phone, where a budget and action plan is created and discussed. Topics and activities covered: analysis of the client's financial situation, decision to purchase a home or rent, issues arising during or affecting the period of homeownership. This is a very specific analysis of the client/family's finances and addresses their specific steps to reach housing stability through homeownership. For more information see this link Homebuyer Education Providers (PDF).