How do rental property inspections work?

To maximize the safety of our citizens, the City is required by the city code to inspect rental properties for fire prevention purposes. By providing regular routine inspections, the City desires to prevent fires before they happen. Rental fire inspection fees are collected as part of the business license billing system. To determine compliance with state fire regulations, residential rental properties are inspected by both Imperial Beach Fire-Rescue Department staff and Housing Department staff. Owners of rental properties found in violation will receive a correction notice by mail. For rental properties where no violations are identified the information is noted internally and the process is complete until the next inspection. 

Most common fire violations include exposed or damaged electrical, unpermitted additions or alterations, illegal dwellings, incorrectly placed or missing address numbers and issues with smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. 

Safety inspections are performed without notice however a scheduled inspection can be requested by the property owner by calling 619-423-8223. 

To maintain program efficiency, inspection reports are not issued if no violations are noted at the time of inspection. A no violation noted report can be sent upon request.

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